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Household Gun Injuries & Gun Safety

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My name is Eric Walczak and this is a website on Household Gun Injuries and Gun Safety. I am a student at Skyview Junior High and as a freshman i have a project that my school calls "Breakout". It is a project where we pick a topic and find as much information as possible that will help us become an expert on that topic. Once we get information we have to make a difference, which is to do something with our topic that will change the community. The way that i have decided to make a difference is to make a website that will show people who visit this site the affects that gun injuries have on all families, and to tell about gun safety. It will show information from many credible resources that i have personally researched on this topic. I hope that this website will be able to answer any questions that you have on Household Gun Injuries and Gun Safety.  

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Household Gun injuries & Gun Safety

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