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Household Gun Injuries & Gun Safety

Child Gun Safety

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What Children need to Know
There are a few basic things that any child needs to know about gun safety, or what to do if thet encounter a gun without an adult there to help them.
The first step a child must do is to not touch the firearm. They should not be handling a firearm especially if they do not know gun safety. But either way they should not touch the firearm.
The second step they must take (if with friends or other kids) is that they must make sure that nobody else touches the firearm. If someone were to it may result in a bad situation.
The Final step the child must take is to get an adult that is capable of handling the gun. By doing this they have given the adult (whom is more aware of the dangers of a firearm) the chance to handle the firearm without the children harming themselves.

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Household Gun injuries & Gun Safety

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