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Household Gun Injuries & Gun Safety


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An Interview with  Jean Salle

(This interview took place by phone)
I interviewed Salle who was a former empoyee for the Interlake
Gun Club that taught Gun Safety and Hunter's Safety to all ages. He has been in the buisness of teaching Gun Safety for many years.
Question 1: Is it required to take a gun safety class in order to own a firearm?
Answer: No it is not required though it should be, in order to own a gun you need to be 18 years of age or older.
Question 2: What would you recomend to gun owners as a safe way to store a firearm with children in the house?
Answer: Well, even if you dont have any children or others living with you, you should still safely store a gun in an enclosed compartment with a lock so that nobody but you knows where it is and can't get into it.
Question 3: How do you feel about the increasing rate of gun deaths per year?
Answer: I feel that as a community, we aren't doing everything to our power to help prevent gun injuries, we have people who will leave a loaded gun under a bed without a safety lock, and even under the seat in a car or truck.
Question 4: What is a common mistake amoung all gun onwers that can easily lead to injury or death?
Answer: That would have to be that a lot of people who own guns dont know anything about gun safety.
Question 5: Have you experienced any events in your life that inspired you to start teaching Gun Safety to others?
Answer: The only events that i can recall are when a hunter shot another by accident which doesn't go well with your topic.
Question 6: What are some of the reasons that you decided to teach Gun Safety?
Answer: One of my reasons is that I have always heard about fatal gun and hunting accidents and i just wanted to do something that would even just help that problem slightly.
Question 7: Was there ever a time when you felt that you made a real difference in someone's life while teaching?
Answer: Everytime that I finish teaching a class gun safety I feel that I made a real difference.

After my seventh question to Salle, he had to go because he had some errands to run. While talking with him he told me that he loves what he does in teaching, and that it is worth the time he puts into it.

Household Gun injuries & Gun Safety

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