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Household Gun Injuries & Gun Safety

Gun Storage

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This page discusses some of the best possible ways of gun storage (for safety). It also tells about some of the common mistakes that gun owners can make while storing a gun, which could result in injury or death.

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Effects of Gun Safes
For most gun owners, it would be strongly recomended that you use gun safes as your storage for your guns. When you compare a gun owner who stores a gun in a safe to one who chooses to hide his/or her gun, you will find that the owner with a safe has a 65% better chance of not getting injured from guns in that home. The owners who hide their guns in places where they think they are safe increase their percent of being injured by 45%.
Types of Safes
The most common gun safe that is used today would have to be what is considered a basic safe. It's a small, black, metal safe that uses combinations to open it. It's the kind of safe that you store a handgun in, and store in a small area such as a drawer or a cabinet.
Another safe that people use to store firearms is a 6x4 safe (6 feet tall, 4 feet wide). This safe you can store over ten firearms inside. It is very good for storing rifles and such firearms that take up more room. You could also store whatever else you feel necessary to keep locked up.

Places to Find Safes
If you find that you want to acquire a gun safe then you have limited reliable places to go. You should first check out websites on safes to figure out what you want. Once you do that then you should contact local gun stores to find the place that you feel is reliable, and shop there for your safe.

Household Gun injuries & Gun Safety

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