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Household Gun Injuries & Gun Safety

Gun Death and Injury statistics

Gun Death and Injury statistics
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Gun Injuries & Deaths put out an increasing toll

Every year there are some key contributions to the death and injury tolls in the United States. The leading one is car accidents, but next in that line is gun injuries. The death toll from gun injuries has gone down slightly since 1989, but when you look at the statistics below, you would understand the growing concern from parents and people in your communities about guns. This will help show you just as my next pages will, the importance of gun safety and being a responsible gun handler and owner.

Yearly Statistics
As each year passes on, a minimum of around 35,000 people die from gun injuries in the Untited States. But those are just the deaths, a little over three times as many people are injured and hospitalized from guns. When you narrow this down to a specific group, of the 35,000 deaths, 85% of those deaths were white males between the age groups of 10 to 34 years old. The most common age in that age group was 19 years old. For the estimated (3 times as much as 35,000deaths) 105,000 gun injuries in a year, 56% of those injuries occur in a home and are reported to be accidental injuries. But of those 105,000 injuries and 56% that occur in homes, 34% of those injuries are with victims 17 years old and younger.
Self Inflicted Injuries
When you take the amount of injuries and deaths that occur in homes around the Untited States, half of those injuries are self-inflicted. In that category of self-inflicted, it includes suicide as well. When a parent or just a person who lives in a home owns a gun, the increase in the possiblity of suicide for that owner or whoever lives with them goes up by 25%. While that increase in possiblity goes up, the chance of self inflicted or any home gun injury goes up by 32%. A child is more likely, in these cases, to be the victim of suicide or accidental injury than an adult if the adult leaves the gun exposed to the child.

Household Gun injuries & Gun Safety

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