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Household Gun Injuries & Gun Safety

Cases of Gun Injuries

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Injuries resulting from lack of Gun Safety
Gun injuries that come from lack of gun safety are most likely accidental injuries or deaths. 1 of 3 times that an accidental injury occurs it is do to lack of gun safety. A common mistake that many victims have made is that they handle a firearm before they even know how to use it. Which makes the percent of injury or death occuring go up by 30%. Here are some common situations leading to gun injuries:
- When a small group of people are in one of their homes they decide to look at the guns they have. Some of the people there have never handled a gun therefor they dont know gun safety. While handling one of the guns the un experienced handler causes the gun to go off.
- Handling firearms while intoxicated or while using mind altering drugs is a major cause. As an example you imagine to people (adults or children) that are intoxicated. They are firing the guns and one shoots the other by accident. This incodent occurs in 20% of the accidental shootings in the United States per year.

Those two types of injury cases are the two most common for any accidental gun injury or death. When you add those two types of cases with eachother you would have an estimated 58% of the types of cases per year. If you think about that for one second, just two cases amount up to that much, imagine if you were able to reduce those injuries in those two cases.

Cases of Gun Injuries all show how badly people need to take gun safety seriously. It could reduce the amounts of injuries and deaths from guns by a lot if people who owned guns would just take some time out of their life to learn and teach others about gun safety.

Household Gun injuries & Gun Safety

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